We have been working in Devon for many years and now the local groups in Barnstaple, South Molton, Crediton, Exmouth and North West Devon have started to work together in order to share their experience and skills.

Each organisation is an independent charity registered with the Charity Commission. None of them have any connection with Age UK and do not receive any funding from the new charity which was formed in April 2010. They all ensure that all their income is spent in Devon.

We believe that we possess a unique relationship with many older people in Devon: our workers are known as friendly and patient people who have helped many older people stay in their own homes.

We hold detailed local knowledge of the help that is available for older people ranging from benefits and allowances to finding help at home.

Each Age Concern responds to the needs of the people in their area of Devon so that they are all providing different services and are able to quickly respond where no-one else is providing help.

In November 2010 five age concern groups, working in Devon, agreed to associate together, pooling ideas and resources and local services for all older people.

We specialise in providing services in rural Devon. 

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We are working in Devon as a partnership of five independant charities

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